The naivety and amateurism

“The US President has relied on a personal relationship with Kim Jong-UN and the economic prospects of the regime in Pyongyang. It was not enough,” writes a correspondent of Le Monde in Washington Gilles Bet.

Excessive personalization of negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea were seen as the foundations of an entirely new dynamic. Perhaps this was the main reason for failure in Hanoi, when Donald trump and Kim Jong UN are dispersed, unable to agree on any joint statement.

The first summit, held in Singapore in June 2018, has already shown the limits of this framework. The next day after the first historic meeting, the U.S. President assured his Twitter account that “the North Korean nuclear threat no longer exists”, but later he found that both sides disagree on the interpretation of denuclearization, which they set themselves as targets (whether it is limited to the territory of North Korea, or extends to the whole Peninsula as the Pyongyang).

In Hanoi the problem was the conditions of barter. Donald trump was assured that Kim Jong UN would cancel all the sanctions hanging over his country, in exchange for the already promised last dismantling of a nuclear facility in Yongbyon. The foreign Minister of North Korea Ri Yong-Ho later clarified these allegations, insisting that he asked only partially lift the sanctions, which, according to him, the hardest affected population, but are in fact the most effective, in exchange for stopping the nuclear facility.

At the press conference that followed the statement that negotiations are deadlocked, Donald trump has confirmed that us intelligence believes that Pyongyang has at least one site for the production of fissile material.

To the end, Donald trump persistently brought to the fore the personal relationship, which, in his opinion, was formed with the North Korean counterpart. Even for a few moments before the failure of the President of the United States still praised his companion. When the last, answering the question of an American journalist during a brief chat with the press said that the very fact of his presence in Hanoi indicates its seriousness in achieving denuclearization, Donald trump said it was undoubtedly “the best answer I’ve ever heard.

Donald trump, apparently too focused on the view in exaggerated form of the prospects for economic development that will accompany the lifting of sanctions, if Pyongyang abandons its nuclear weapons program.

Kim Jong-UN may have also overestimated my ability to achieve more than what Donald trump was ready to give up. At a press conference the US President has repeatedly appealed to his Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, that recalled the borders established by the United States delegation, which it ultimately intends to keep. However, it is difficult to shake the feeling that this communication strategy smacks of amateurism.

Richard Haass, formerly part of the administration of George H. W. Bush, in his Twitter account wrote that the failure of this summit – “it’s a risk which you yourself put, when you put too much trust in personal relations when the summit ill prepared and when the President says he’s confident in his success.

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