In the Trader Joe’s plan to remove from the stores 453 kg plastic

California grocery retailer Trader Joe’s announced a major campaign to reduce the use of odnorazovyj plastic packaging and other trading facilities that pollute the environment.

Also, chain stores will replace polystyrene trays, the trays will reduce the quantity Packed in plastic fruit and vegetables, including bags of apples, pears and potatoes, remove the foil film from packages of tea bags.

“With these steps in 2019, we remove more 453,5 pounds of plastic from our stores, we expect that this number will grow as we continue this campaign”, — stated in Trader Joe’s.

As reported Recyclingtoday, chain stores have shown an interest in recycling for a reason, because in California there is a large environmental movement. It puts pressure on many companies. So business “inspire” on the adoption of environmentally sound decisions when choosing packaging materials.

Not so long ago Greenpeace launched an online petition to see how many people want plastic waste is stopped. The result is a 91 thousand signatures, which will affect Trader Joe’s, and the company announced to reduce the use of plastic.

“Trader Joe’s decision to abandon some of its most problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging is in direct response to customer requests. Companies that produce consumer goods will have to seriously rethink the usual form of packing of the products. The only way they will be able to contribute in saving the planet”, — said the participant of the Washington campaign Greenpeace plastics Kate Melges.

Trader Joe’s cleanse stores from nearly half a ton of plastic packaging updated: March 15, 2019 author: Darina Uman
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