“With skin the color of olives”: what’s wrong with the plot of “Russia-1” on Benalla

Sunday, February 24, in the program of Dmitry Kiselyov “News weekly” published the story of a former Advisor Emmanuel Macron Alexandra Benalla and protests of the “yellow jackets.” The authors of the material referred to Benalla “with skin color just beginning to ripen black olives”, “the former lover of the President” and accused the authorities of trying to “assign “vests” responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism”. Russian service RFI looked at the plot of “Russia-1” and found out what’s wrong with journalists.


The French Senate has criticized the Macron over the appointment of Alexander Benalla his adviser. The Commission did not like “big money and dubious connection [ … ] and even the beating of demonstrators on the streets of Paris”. For the Makron is a heavy blow, especially Benalla “popular opinion” is the lover of the President.

But from the scandal with her lover (and “yellow jackets”) Makron saved-Semitism, which is trying to blame the protesters. “Negative image “yellow jackets” continues to take shape”, and the theme of anti-Semitism “has been successfully eclipsed by the scandalous story of the week”.

As for the “yellow jackets”, they stained the reputation of natural-Semitism. For Him it became in some sense salutary. At least, he used this chance fully

What’s wrong:

The host of “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev and journalist Asya Emelyanova build a story on speculation and not based on facts.

The assertion that Alexander Benalla is a “lover of Macron”, is actually a common Internet rumor. As marks Le Parisien, the cause was a screenshot of the header Le Monde, published on Twitter. “We Manu more than friends,” allegedly said Alexander Benalla in an interview. In fact, the newspaper never published such article, and the image was mounting.

With a similar title came out also article publication Nordepresse.bepublishing satirical texts. Among the materials of the site you can find the news about the Nobel prize consultant sports store, the growing popularity of Macron by 12 000 percent and cut stock “yellow jackets” ear of van Gogh.

In July 2018, the Emmanuel Macron has had to refute a rumor that Benalla was his lover at a closed meeting with the deputies of the party “go Republic!”. Then the President’s statement elicited laughter from his colleagues. “Alexander Benalla never had access to the codes to launch nuclear missiles,” — said the President.

In France, the Senate released a report that criticized the personnel policy of the President of Macron in the sphere of ensuring its own security. [His former guard and counselor Benalla] indicted on four articles, where big money and questionable ties, and illegal acquisition of military weapons, and violation of legal regime, and even the beating of demonstrators on the streets of Paris.

What’s wrong:

The Commission of the Senate of France really said about “serious violations” at the Elysee Palace. As stated in the report, when Alexander Benalla “jeopardized security of the President.”

However, in the story of Dmitry Kiselyov is not mentioned what kind of “questionable links” could hurt the leader of the state. Senators worried contracts for the supply of security services of the Russian billionaire Iskander Makhmudov, close to the Kremlin. According to the speakers, the fact that Benalla was a middleman in transactions totaling 2.2 million euros, could lead to a “conflict of interest”. Contacts senior adviser of the Makron with a businessman, whom journalists suspected of having ties with one of Moscow’s organized crime groups, could also threaten the security of the presidential administration.

The traces of the crime and not removed. A week has passed, and the blue swastika, lettering is still on the graves. On the gate to clean it easy, but once it will disappear, cease to distract attention from something else. The theme of anti-Semitism to the Elysee Palace and personally Makron has come at the right moment.

What’s wrong:

We are talking about the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Alsace, Quatzenheim, where in the night from 18 to 19 February, unknown persons have caused about 80 swastikas on graves.

Signs do not erased immediately, but only 27 February, after the release of the story “News week”. However, we are not talking about “secret plans” of the authorities, is to remove the swastika from it. As noted by the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, after the incident the police started investigation and took samples of paint. At least until February 21, the cemetery was still closed for collecting evidence.

Only after the end of police operations for the restoration of monuments could start a special company, — according to the TV channel France 3, cleaning was carried out by a special technology for two days. How much it cost, is unknown, but Le Journal du Dimanche writes that the organisation of the work was done by the Consistory of the Israelites of the Department of the Lower Rhine — that she belong to the local Jewish cemetery. The amount of financial assistance from the state is discussed, but organizes the work of the French government. The statement that the swastika should be “to divert attention from something else”, not supported by facts.

Some politicians have indeed said that among the activists of the “yellow jackets” are widely spread anti-Semitic ideas. The head of the party “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon has also accused authorities of trying to use the situation against the motion. However, Prime Minister édouard Philippe stated that to be considered anti-Semites of all activists would be “absurd.”
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