This is a shot, but not in the heart: Silvanus on new US sanctions

Anton Siluanov, Russia’s Finance Minister, decided to comment on the possibility of introducing new U.S. sanctions against Russian banks.

The Minister admitted that sanctions are always unpleasant, but in this case they can be compared to “a shot in the leg, but not in the heart”, reports “RBC“.

In his words, the Russian government will be able to support all banks that find themselves in the sanctions list of Washington. The Siluanov noted that many foreign companies have their deposits in Russian banks, but the new US sanctions will only hurt yourself and your allies.

The Finance Minister stressed that the government did not sit idly by and have already thought through the steps that relate to Russian banks and possible sanctions by not only the US but the EU.

“We have created the necessary buffers, the ability to respond to such restrictions,” – said Siluanov. He also added that not a single Russian investor is not affected.
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