Blame chemical compound: in the scientific world have solved the phenomenon of green ice in Antarctica

Experts managed to give a plausible interpretation one of the interesting natural phenomena.

Were found sometimes in the vicinity of the permafrost zone, you can see the iceberg, possessing a greenish tint. Recently, however, scientists have found that stains the ice in a non-standard color. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before in the Antarctica were found in fish that were subjected to evolution in the prehistoric period.

It should be noted that the above research issues started 31 years ago. Due to thorough analysis, researchers found that the prerequisites for the formation of the green ice is sea water that freezes in the bottom of the ice thickness.

To date, the expert thought that the green tint appears due to organic carbon, which is formed from the remains of living creatures and plants. Also quite unusual was the assumption that the glaciers were stained with iron oxides.

As you know, this chemical compound also present in the earth’s crust and in rocks. It is likely that the glacier during travel on slopes pirater the upper part of the rock surface, taking with them tiny particles in the sea.
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