Voltammetric Wattmeter RL-1703 (Power Supply)

Voltamperwattmeter RL-1703 (Power supply unit) Hello everyone, today we will voltammeter RL-1703 and install it into the power supply.
Technical characteristics of the device are as follows:
-Current protection 3A (informative, and possibly hardware)
-Power measurements
-Software availability
-Sound availability
-Voltage accuracy 0.1 In
– No current accuracy, at 1.5A jump from 1A to 1.7A (Hall effect current sensor)
Tools and materials:
-Capacitor 2pcs 100nF
-Resistors of different ratings
-Stabilizer LM7805
-Module ACS-712 (30A)
-Arduino pro mini (Arduino nano if you use software)
-I2C module for LCD1602
-Soldering iron
Voltammeter circuit:
A3 connect to OUT ACS-715, Speaker to D7.
A6 to midpoint divider, and R2 220Ω and R1 1800Ω
Voltammeter RL-1703 (Power supply) Sketch and software:
Download Version 1.7 has a timer .
Download Version 2.0 has a timer and communication via a virtual COM port.
-Not available Version 2.1 has a thermometer and communication via a virtual COM port.
Voltamperwattmeter RL-1703 ( Power supply unit) Download Version 1.0 Alpha (Windows) does not work control relays and LEDs.
Connect Arduino with a sketch, look at the COM port in the device manager. We go into the program and knock out the port and click on the open port button. Refresh with clear button.
-Not available Version 1.1Veta Indication and also relay will work.
Everything that is not available in development (I will probably throw patches in the comments).
Also write suggestions and errors. And yes, maybe I'll do it for Arduino via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
Voltammeter RL-1703 (Power supply) Voltammetric wattmeter RL-1703 (Power supply) Thanks everyone, good luck!


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