Accident involving 21 cars: published footage of the collision of NASCAR racing in the USA

Recently, the U.S. launched the first championship race of the NASCAR season in 2019. Before the finish there was a massive accident involving 21 cars.

Within the framework of racing, “Daytona 500” first to the finish line came Danny Hamlin. The second was Kyle Busch, and third place went to Eric Johnson, reports LIGAnews.

But the main participants of the race were not the winners, but the incident before the finish.

It is known that the pilot of one of the racing cars could not cope with the management, which caused a chain reaction that resulted in an accident involving 21 cars. In accident nobody suffered, but all riders got out of the car. Moreover, some of them even managed to sit in the car and to continue to participate in the competition.

Pause the race lasted about 25 minutes.
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