Twitter’s new feature lets iOS users share tweets directly on Instagram Stories

Washington: Microblogging site Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will let iOS users share tweets directly to their Instagram Stories. This update will help users save their camera roll from getting clogged with tweet screenshots.

As per Mashable, the social media platform is enabling the feature that allows users to share a tweet to their Instagram Stories with only a couple of steps. Users might be familiar with these steps if they frequently share their IG Stories on Facebook too.

To share a tweet, just tap on any tweet, then tap on the share button, and then tap on Instagram Stories. That's all you have to do.

Twitter will ask you for permission before launching the Instagram app, and it goes without saying but you will need the app installed in order to let the feature work. Once you're on the Stories page on Instagram, you'll notice that the tweet you'd picked now has neatly rounded corners and a pleasant card-like design to it.

Notable reverse-engineering guru Jane Manchun Wong has also noted that once you share a tweet on IG Stories, the card doesn't really give you an option of opening the tweet on Twitter.

So in case you want to open or interact with that tweet, you'll still have to open the Twitter app and search your way through.

It is also worth noting though that that the share feature only lets users share the tweets to Instagram Stories and not create an Instagram post so if you wanted to share it in your profile, screenshots are still the only way.

But nonetheless, this update brings the ease of sharing tweets on Instagram Stories and may help users limit clutter in their photo gallery that comes with various tweet screenshots.

Users will, however, not be able to share any protected tweets using the new feature. Currently, Twitter also does not allow Android users to share tweets on Instagram Stories. Android users can only share tweet links in Instagram DMs.


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