A compromise is not possible, and the need

There is a view that President Donald trump is a tough immigration policy and refuses to make concessions, as required by the basic voters-conservatives, for which he in the first place and can count on.

However, the study that I conducted with Doug rivers of YouGov company in early February, showed that this is not so.

We asked respondents one question: whether they are to allocate $ 5.7 billion to the construction of the “wall” on the border with Mexico was legally “tied” to the granting of permanent legal status participants of the program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. And, as it turned out, for this decision voted 54% “basic” trump’s supporters – among them, the figure was even higher than among Republicans as a whole. But among Democrats, such a model has found understanding only in 18%.

This trend is noted, of course, not just us. In December last year, the American Barometer poll showed that 61% of Republicans and 56% of Democrats agree on the legalization of participants DACA (illegal immigrants caught in the United States as children) and even enable them to become citizens, if such decision will allow to provide financing for the construction of the wall in the proper amount. Among the staunch supporters of trump voted for it 60% who did not began to complain that he was preparing an Amnesty for violators of immigration law. And it is these voters more, than all the others, advocate that policy came to a compromise.

Of course, some conservatives will never accept the fact that illegals belonging to at least any one category, will be able to become citizens, and this opinion should be taken into account. Maybe it should be limited only to granting such immigrants status.

Whatever it was, it is necessary to introduce a state of emergency and to defend its legality in the courts, and to undertake the reform, which would have found understanding and its opponents. In other words, the President of Donald trump and speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi needs to show an example of how you can agree even on the most sensitive issues. Voters, as evidenced by our data, are not against it, but only for.

Tim Kane, an analyst at the Hoover institution at Stanford University

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