Mike Pence, who opposed LGBTQ, met with the Prime Minister of Ireland and his boyfriend

The Prime Minister of Ireland and an outdoor homosexual Leo Varadkar came along with his partner, American Matthew Barrett, for a meeting with Vice-President Mike Pence, a conservative Christian, who was once called “the face of hatred against LGBTQ in America“.

Varadkar, the first openly gay leader of Ireland, wrote on Twitter about the Breakfast, which was held in Washington on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day — traditional celebration of the Irish, saying that “great to be back here for a really warm welcome“. During his speech to reporters at the White house Varadkar has told how his historically Catholic country gradually became more tolerant towards the LGBT community, and how American policy has inspired him “to believe in the power of politics to do good“.

I lived in a country where, if I had tried to be themselves, this would lead to a violation of the laws, — said Prime Minister, noting that “we are, after all, all God’s children“. — But today, things have changed. I stand here, the leader of their country, flawed and human — but only judging by my political actions, not sexual orientation, skin tone, gender, or religious beliefs“.

Mike Pence, who was born into a Catholic Irish family, often acted against members of the LGBTQ and spoke out against gay marriage. As Governor of Indiana in 2015, he signed the law on “freedom of religion“, which allowed businesses to refuse services to LGBTQ customers. When he successfully ran for 19 years ago to the place in the house of representatives, his campaign supported the “conversion” of gay therapy. He also once said in Congress that “the public collapse was always caused by the deterioration of the institution of marriage and the family“.

During his speech to reporters, Pence didn’t mention LGBTQ rights, but spoke about the history of his Irish family, including his grandfather, whose “love for the Irish people and Irish heritage is deeply rooted“. And in his tweet about meeting with Varadkar Vice President did not mention Barrett.

Near the White house launched a green fountain in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

During the working visit Varadkar last year in new York, he took part in the parade dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day, along with her boyfriend, a cardiologist who lives in the USA. Since the participation of LGBTQ groups in the event was banned until 2015, Varadkar said that the March near Barrett for him was “a great honour“.

Vice-President Mike Pence, who opposed LGBTQ, gave a warm welcome to the Prime Minister of Ireland and his boyfriend updated: March 15, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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