4 eggs a week increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 6%

Researchers from the school of medicine at northwestern University found that drinking 300 mg of cholesterol a day or less, contained in about 1.5 yolks of eggs, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death for any reason. The results of the study were published this Friday in the journal of the American medical Association (Journal of the American Medical Association – JAMA). New results again add fuel to the old question of the harm/benefits of eggs for health, especially given the fact that the last time they are again approved in the diet.

A group of researchers analyzed data from 29 615 adults (13 299 or 44,9% were male), pooled from 6 studies which have identified factors that caused the development of a disease. They were held in the USA in the period from March 25, 1985 to August 31, 2016.

Information about the diet of these people was obtained from questionnaires-questionnaires. Thanks to the analysis , the researchers found that over 17.5 years (median) of observations were 5 400 cases of cardiovascular diseases and 6 132 death for any reason.

They were able to determine that:

  • eating about 300 mg of cholesterol per day was associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 17% and increased the risk of death by any cause by 18%, compared to those who hardly used;
  • use about 3-4 eggs a week (or half eggs per day) was associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 6% and increase in the risk of death by any cause by 8%, compared with those who did not eat eggs.

The authors believe that the findings indicate that, probably, it is necessary to revise the current U.S. dietary recommendations. In the most recent recommendations were canceled limit on the presence of cholesterol in the diet, but they said that Americans should try to consume it as less as possible. Up to 2015 were encouraged to consume up to 300 mg of cholesterol a day. Previous studies have shown that eating eggs does not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

I think this study will be of great value to demonstrate the harmful effects of the consumption of cholesterol with food, and possibly change the medical opinion“, — said one of the study’s authors Norrina Allen.

It is important to note that the study was observational (clinical studyin which the data are collected by simple observation of events in their natural course, without active intervention). It only showed that people who eat a lot of eggs, face greater health risks, but does not prove that eggs or dietary cholesterol directly provoke cardiovascular diseases.

The authors believe that it is necessary to conduct additional studies say that the results do not mean that you need to completely abandon the eggs. As with everything, you should always follow common sense. And, of course, people who have a tendency to cardiovascular disease, such information would be useful.

The idea that you can learn from this, actually relates to cholesterol contained in eggs, specifically the yolks, “said Allen. — “In the framework of a healthy food people should consume less cholesterol. Such people have a lower risk of heart disease“.

In the yolk of one large egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol. Other sources are red meat, bacon, and butter and heavy cream. It is noted that a large portion of the cholesterol present in eggs is in the yolks, so egg protein may remain on your Desk.

Eggs again in disgrace? Published the results of a new large research updated: March 17, 2019 author: Natalia Osmolovskaya
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