Zebrano pendant

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Wooden jewelry is slowly gaining popularity among different segments of the population, although it still seems too specific. In this article I will talk about creating a small pendant made of African zebrano wood and epoxy resin.
Zebrano suspension

For suspension we need: < br> • Billet made of wood and epoxy;
• Bore saw with miter box;
• Stencil paper;
• Grinding machine;
• Various grinding wheels and sandpaper;
• Polishing paste;
• Drill;
• Oil for wood;
• Accessories for jewelry.
To make the pendant, I took an old piece of zebrano wood with epoxy resin.
 Zebrano pendant Then I printed a diamond stencil on paper and cut it out.
 Zebrano pendant Glue the stencil on a block of wood is not advisable, so I sawed off bar a small die. Zebrano, by the way, saws terribly, especially along the fibers.
Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant such a plate from which you can already make something.
Zebrano pendant But this die is too thick, so I decided to grind it on a grinding machine.
Zebrano pendant For this, I glued an additional a bar with double-sided tape.
Suspension from zebrano The die is now of acceptable thickness and relatively flat, although even cured epoxy becomes very soft, albeit flexible, when heated during grinding. I had to cool the workpiece from time to time so as not to grind off excess epoxy.
Zebrano pendant Now we glue the stencil. I pasted it with an offset on a regular glue stick.
 Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant Now fitting to the shape. I made it on a grinding machine, but, if you wish, you can also cut the workpiece, which I partially did to save some of the wood.
 Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant Now you need to sand the paper off the blank. To do this, I also glued a block of tape.
Zebrano pendant Next comes the cutting of the blank. Fortunately, the machine has a movable table, and you can set the desired angle.
Zebrano pendant After cutting and a little refinement of the shape, this is a blank.
 Zebrano pendant Now you need to replace the wheel with 100 grit by 500 on the machine, so as not to bother with manual grinding.
Zebrano pendant smooth and pleasant to the touch. But the epoxy is not transparent, which now needs to be refined with a high-grained abrasive.
Zebrano pendant I decided to start sanding with 1500 sandpaper to remove small scratches and align the texture of the workpiece.
Zebrano pendant No effect yet, so we continue to grind .
Zebrano pendant Next, I used 2500 grit to add transparency to the product. And shine, of course.
Suspension from zebrano The letters on the sandpaper are already visible through the epoxy part.
Zebrano pendant This is followed by 4000 abrasives for primary polishing products, after which the future pendant already shines.
Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant And finally, a polishing paste to bring the epoxy to full transparency.
Zebrano pendant By the way, it is better to use cotton fabric. With it, the polishing is cleaner and better. And faster.
Zebrano pendant And now, the product shines and shimmers.
Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant Almost glass transparency was achieved with the help of the paste.
Zebrano pendant Now the installation of accessories. For the suspension, I, as always, used a bail. This time with a bronze finish.
Zebrano pendant To install the bail, drill into the upper edge suspension through hole 1mm.
 Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant Trying on the bail. Everything fits, nothing skewed. Means. can be covered with oil.
Zebrano pendant I used linseed oil with the addition of rosin and a small amount of carnauba and beeswax.
Zebrano suspension Then I evacuated the suspension in oil to make it soak faster.
Zebrano pendant And, finally, we install all the necessary accessories, that is, a bail and a special waxed string for jewelry.
Zebrano pendant  Zebrano pendant Zebrano pendant And now, the product is ready. < br> Zebrano pendant  Zebrano pendant Despite the small size and the presence of a finished workpiece, the project turned out to be quite difficult, at least due to the fact that I do not like long grinding and polishing of products, so I rarely work with transparent epoxy. But, the result pleases, the suspension turned out exactly as I intended it.
That's all.
Good to everyone!


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