The star of “Harry Potter” Robbie Coltrane was in a wheelchair

Who played the role of Hagrid in the films about Harry Potter can’t walk because of a serious illness.

According to the publication thesun, 69-year-old celebrity suffers from osteoarthritis, because of this Robbie Coltrane for 3 years move around only with a cane. And now his health deteriorated further, reports LigaNews.

“For a long time, Robbie suffered severe pain. Now he can’t help himself, it is, of course, terribly annoying. Because of this he cannot walk without assistance. He was given a wheelchair while he’s waiting for a special surgery to restore his joint”, – stated in the message.

Three years ago, the doctors told him to lose weight, which he did, but it did not help to solve the problem. The survey showed that in the knee joint of the actor, almost no cartilage. Coltrane will conduct the operation, after which it must improve.

As previously reported LigaNews, Edita was in a wheelchair. It is also known that survivors of a serious operation Bilan was in a wheelchair.
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