Ukraine is among the “leaders” in Russia called the top 3 countries that have caused damage in the economy

The Ministry of economy and development of Russia presented data on the work on the elimination of all barriers in the external market. Also published a ranking of countries that in 2018, imposed restrictions in relations with Russia.

First place went to EU countries that have introduced against Russia last year, 25 sanctions, reports “Russian newspaper“.

But second place went to Ukraine, who tried not to give in to his Western partners and imposed 22 penalties. Most interesting is that the top 3 got and India. In 2018, the country has introduced against Russia sanctions 16, while the United States only 9.

It also became known that the greatest damage to economy of Russia struck the EU countries in the amount of $ 2.4 billion. Next should be the US $ 1.1 billion, and closes the three “leaders” of Ukraine (775 million dollars).

From sanctions suffered metallurgy, agriculture and chemical industry.
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