In the Federation Council said the head of the General staff of Ukraine on the threat of invasion media

The head of Ukraine Muzhenko said earlier that the country is allegedly in danger from Russia.

Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Sergei Tsekov said that the stories of the head of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) Viktor Muzhenko about the alleged threat of invasion of Russia in three directions are nothing but a part of the election campaign in the country. It is reported by “Izvestia“, reports the “League news Russia”.

It is known that the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko informed about the existence of the alleged threat of invasion of the country from the North, East and South.

The Russian side, according Muzhenko, is in the final stage of formation on the borders of Ukraine impact compounds “together with units of special purpose in the plan the Kremlin strategists will constitute the core of the invading forces”.

Ukraine will be able to survive without money: Poroshenko made a statement on the Dnipropetrovsk region

However, Tsekov said that now in Ukraine the election campaign is, which is the reason for the intimidation of citizens of a possible armed aggression of Russia.

“Although by and large it seems to me that the citizens of Ukraine are the most worried about the current government of Ukraine”, – he stressed.

The Senator also recalled that in Kiev for almost five years talking about threats from Russia, allegedly constantly detecting any Russian connection.

“I think if the forecast for Ukraine’s future, this future is not very rosy, given the fact that this presidential election is not likely to lead to the improvement of the situation in Ukraine and the emergence of an adequate head of state in Ukraine”, – concluded Tsekov.

According to media reports, the security guard knocked the gadget from the hands of the alleged offender, who filmed Poroshenko .

In addition, Poroshenko said during the opening ceremony of a wind power plant in Zaporizhia region, the government should engage in the sale of electricity in the European Union, and that “where else to put it”. Thus, the country’s leader urges citizens to input “energy bezveze” with Europe.
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