Intend to reach new horizons: at CERN want to conquer the dark matter particle.

At the world famous CERN research centre intend to conquer new horizons in space.

According to experts, they intend to more thoroughly study the dark matter particles. It should be noted that the proportion of dark matter is only 27% of the whole cosmos. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

These activities will be carried out in a 27-kilometer tunnel, which is located on the French-Swiss border. According to preliminary information, the installation will have the ability to detect light and interacting particles.

According to scientists, the matter may be a fundamental element during the formation of stars, planets and other space objects. There is a significant share of dark matter that cannot be seen with instruments.

To get any information on dark matter, researchers have created a device FASER, the main destiny of which is the search of highly sensitive particle. The equipment also will be able to notice the decay products of invisible particles.

Taken scientists hope to detect neutralinos, which are directly related to dark matter.

First it was reported that the Land is shrouded in streams of dark matter. Recall that in outer space have found a star, which consists of dark matter.
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