The Week contest: Booze rescue


This week’s question: Germany has announced that before it withdraws its 1,100 NATO troops from Afghanistan, it will first fly home their huge stockpile of alcohol — more than 60,000 cans of beer and hundreds of bottles of wine and Champagne. What operational name should the German military give this boozy rescue mission?

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THE WINNER: “Drunkirk”

Richard Lawson, Wausau, Wisconsin

SECOND PLACE: “Operation Blitzedkrieg”

Joel Nelson, Goleta, California

THIRD PLACE: “Zero Dark Thirsty”

Joe Ayella, Wayne, Pennsylvania


“The Bier-lin Airlift”

Justin Short, Baltimore

“Operation Prost-haste”

George Martins, Natick, Massachusetts

“Departing Shots”

Joe Bennett, West Lafayette, Indiana


George Strong, Plano, Texas

“Operation Schnapps Judgment”

Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

“Pulling Out All the Hops”

Linda Hood, Manchester, New Hampshire

“Operation Bud Flight”

Joan Sowatzke, Milwaukee

“Operation Brut Force”

Bill Levine, Belmont, Massachusetts

“Operation Hangover and Out”

John Parry, Eldersburg, Maryland

“Operation Free Spirits”

Erica Avery, Greenfield, Massachusetts

“Operation B-ale Out”

John Parry, Eldersburg, Maryland

“Saving Private Riesling”

Ray Sharp, Wenatchee, Washington

“Operation Alco-Haul”

Kim Doyle, Woolwich, Maine

“Bottle of the Bulge”

Ken Liebman, Williston, Vermont

“Operation No Can Left Behind”

Cletus Poser, Fort Myers, Florida

“Operation Biergarten”

Catalina Soriano, New York City

“Double Back for the Doppelbock”

Kenneth Burgan, Grass Valley, California

“Operation Libation Liberation”

Martha Sneary, Canyon Lake, Texas

“Operation Afghanislammed”

Kristina Sherry, Culver City, California


Laurel Wroten, Petaluma, California

“Operation Bar-Fly”

Eileen Bridges, Hudson, Ohio


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