Businesses need “seasonal workers”

The company, which periodically invite employees from abroad, renewed the struggle for the increase of quotas for H-2B visas, highlighting the fact that the computer problem that manifested itself this year, clearly demonstrated that the currently set number — 33 thousand for 6 months — absolutely not enough.

Recall that on 1 January, when companies rushed to apply for visas (they are allocated on receipt of applications, so the only winners are the first), the website of the Ministry of labour simply out of order. Although later it was decided that visas for the autumn will be played between the companies applying for 3 days, and select the “lucky” to be blind, in random order, the chances of grant applications unlikely to become significantly higher.

On temporary employees from abroad expect the representatives of various industries — from tourism to agriculture, from landscape design to entertainment. All of them apply, using the ICERT system. And its failure, as noted by John Bacelis, Director of immigration policy U.S. chamber of Commerce, will inevitably lead to the spring a, and not being able to “reach out” to the website of the Ministry of labour, will be left without the necessary number of workers.

Congress can increase the number of H-2B visas, but only for 3 thousand a year (69 thousand), and then only with the consent of the White house. Labour Minister Alex Acosta made for that “Supplement” could be 15 thousand, and adopted the law on border security also provides for a quota increase, but this, in turn, configured the Ministry of national security. January and the failure of ICERT, in the opinion of proponents of reducing legal immigration, suggests that we need to actively seek potential employees among unemployed Americans, not to invite foreigners to create, even for a season, jobs.
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