Time 9 minutes

In one of the hospitals in Texas woman gave birth to three pairs of twins within a few minutes.

In Texas set a record for speed of a multiple birth. Moreover, we are not talking about a couple of twins and not even three. Thelma Chiaka gave birth to three pairs of twins: four boys and two girls.

However, the most surprising was that the kids were born for some 9 minutes. It happened between 4:50 to 4:59 am. The case was so unique that Texas hospital posted yesterday on the page in Facebook the photo of a happy mother surrounded by the same happy doctors.

The kids are in the intensive care unit for newborns at the hospital. My mom already came up with my daughters names Zina and Zuriel. But the sons still does not choose.

It should be noted that the case is indeed extraordinary, as the simultaneous birth of six children, one pregnant woman is one in 4.7 billion.
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