Simple power bank

Simple power bank

Hello everyone.
A year ago, I made a power bank for my grandmother from three 11865 batteries to power a small radio receiver. There was no case on it, everything was wrapped in fiberglass and electrical tape, respectively, over time, this whole structure fell into disrepair. The jacks are loose, the controller is out of order – they forgot it on the street, and at night it rains … In short, I decided to make a new one. I checked the batteries – they are in perfect condition, there is no point in changing them. All you need are three 11865 batteries, a TP4056 module, a USB socket and a pair of 3mm LEDs, red and green.
Simple power bank I couldn't find the controller quickly, I connected three banks in parallel,
Simple power bank soldered the TP4056 module to them, the USB socket on the output and became search for the corpus.
The neighbor threw in the laptop's power supply, the board itself could not be repaired, since he himself tried to repair this unit, but the case just contained three batteries and there was still room for the sockets and the module.
Simple power bank When I had already collected everything, I thought that my grandmother would soon smash the microUSB socket again, so I decided to replace it with a regular 2.1×5.5 mm round plug socket, it is more reliable, stronger and more durable.
 Simple poverbank From the plastic case of the TV, I cut a plate to fit a square hole where the mains socket of the laptop's power supply was inserted, cut holes in it for USB and power sockets.
 Simple power bank Simple power bank I collected everything, soldered, checked – everything works.
Simple power bank I soldered the LEDs from the TP4056 module and soldered 3mm red and green LEDs with wires, which I brought out to the case, after having drilled in it two holes 3mm in diameter.
Simple power bank Simple power bank I decided to build in an LED charge indicator so that I could press the button and find out if it's time to charge or it's too early. Well, this is already so – not for practical purposes, but for fun. The indicator was connected via a button, a usual non-latching one, dropped from the TV board, from the control panel
Simple power bank Simple power bank Simple power bank The circuit is the simplest and shows not the capacity, but the voltage.
Simple power bank I put everything in the case and filled it with hot melt
Simple power bank Everything is working, the charge has started
Simple power bank Checking the pontoon indicator
Simple power bank USB cable with 5.5 mm plug
Simple power bank And the finished product
 Simple power bank Of course, the parallel connection of the batteries is not correct, but for the receiver it will do quite well, just the power bank will take a little longer to charge. According to this scheme, I have power supplies for light touch switches and a doorbell. They have been working for a couple of years, despite the fact that I tore the batteries from old laptop batteries.


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