Colour me platinum

Stylists and fashionistas feel there is magic in the air, with famous faces left, right and centre going for a new hair look, either for a particular movie, or just to give life a thumbs-up!

Recently, Arjun Rampal shared his new dashing platinum blonde look for his upcoming film Dhaakad. The photos of the actor have gone viral and his fans are going gaga over his new look. Soon, Prateik Babbar and Shweta Rohira, 'rakhi sister' of actor Salman Khan and ex-wife of actor Pulkit Samrat, followed suit. Prateik went from a short stint in shocking blue to platinum blonde while Shweta, who has lost oodles of weight, chose a platinum pixie cut.

Talking about her new avatar, the actress says, “It’s been a drastic change from then to now, from long hair to pixie cut, and it’s all thanks to my stylist Amanda Carvalho. It was something on our minds, and finally we got it done and I am loving it, and I am seeing everyone loving it too.”

Elaborating on the process, Shweta says, “It's a day-long process, and obviously, maintenance is a must, but it’s totally worth it.”

Hyderabad-based entrepreneur Veena, founder, Monrow Shoes, was also inspired to embrace the platinum blonde style. “When anybody chooses to go this bold in terms of hair, it generally originates from a deep-rooted attitude,” she says, adding, “bold style statements can’t be carried gracefully unless one has a deep-rooted attitude.”

Sharing tips, Veena says, “It is important to own this style fully. It is important to colour-coordinate the eyebrows too, as they are very close to the hairline. It should be like a painting, not very stark.”

Explaining her reasons for the image makeover, Veena says, “I chose this platinum blonde look because as an entrepreneur, this ongoing time is very challenging and there was a voice inside me that asked me to go for the new look and wait for the good times ahead.”

According to Bhargavi K Reddy, Fashion Stylist, “Lately, more and more celebrities have been taking the bleach plunge. Despite the risk, Arjun, who dared to try the icy hue, proved that he can indeed make anything look hot. The platinum blonde hair perfectly complements his patchy stubble. It certainly is a runway-worthy look.”  

While stressing that to totally pull off the new look it is not enough to find a qualified colourist, the right cut is important too, Bhargavi’s advice is, “Play around with different lengths and styles. Short grey hairstyles can be complemented with a side or hard part, while long ones look amazing with a fade or an undercut.” She adds that the platinum blonde hue should always be accompanied by a proper outfit in tune with the current fashion.

Hair stylist Laila Khan feels platinum blonde looks nice on short hair for women. “Imagine a woman with short platinum blond hair in a cotton saree with a nose ring… stunning. You can even have platinum blond highlights if you have medium or long hair. This way you can style your hair in a lot of ways. You can wear it loose with a centre or side parting, you can curl it, or you can simply make a bun,” she says. “When it comes to men, I think short platinum blond hair could be styled as Arjun Rampal did, or it can be tied in a low ponytail, which also is a style statement,” she suggests.

But like with every good thing, platinum blonde hair comes with a set of challenges. “It is high maintenance and requires a lot of tender love and care,” says Veena. “Hydration, trimming at regular intervals so that hair ends don’t look dry, and proper nourishment are important. So much stripping of melanin necessitates proper care of your crown,” she explains.


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