“If we close the door we’re looking for another,” – Lukashenko on cooperation with Russia and the EU

Alexander Lukashenko has decided to share his opinion on foreign policy priorities of Belarus and Minsk.

According to the President of the country, to date, the ice in relations with the EU and Belarus have not yet melted, the resource LIGAnews.

Lukashenka complains that the mini-cooperation agreements the EU has with Russia and with other former Soviet republics.

The head of the country stressed that in 2018, the Minsk is successfully contacted and established links with the European investment Bank and the European Bank for reconstruction and development. Lukashenka admitted that Russia is not very pleasant such cooperation of neighbors with the EU. The head of Belarus said that Moscow is not particularly “happy” Industrialists of his country and not even putting some products on their markets.

If we close the door, we are looking for another, he said. The President wants normal economic relations with Russia, but today is not all rosy in this area.
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