Media said what the size of the pensions in the former “Nazi” Nazis

Only in Belgium “Nazis” who receive these pension payments, there are about 30.

The German government continues to accrue benefits to former Nazis, who promised back in 1941, the führer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler. In Belgium, for example, receive 27 payments of pensioners. About it reports De Morgen, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to media reports, the size of the “Hitler” of pensions is 425 euros to 1,275 million euros(31.8 thousand to 95.5 thousand rubles).

As you know, recipients of pensions – former Nazis, who during the Second world war enlisted in the SS. After 1949, West Germany became the legal successor of the Third Reich and took on all responsibilities of the former state, she had to continue to pay funds and the Nazis.

At the bottom of the Black sea found the “lost fleet Hitler”

The deputies of the Belgian house of representatives has issued a resolution which urged to settle the situation through diplomacy. According to the newspaper, all these years with AIDS has not levied taxes in favor of the Belgian Treasury.

During the filming with the use of submersibles was able to physically locate and capture the submarine U-23, lying on the 50-meter depth, two kilometers from the coast, where is Agva. Two more submarines, U-19 and U-20 are buried in other places at a depth of 300 meters and 25 respectively.

In addition, the conspiracy theorists claim that high-ranking Nazi officers of the Third Reich may have escaped the persecution after the Second world war, using a top-secret time machine of Adolf Hitler.
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