Fully recreates the appearance of being: the Frenchman has created a unique robot butterfly

French engineer managed to create a unique robotic creation.

As it was established, the Creator Edwin van Ruymbeke called his own company Bionic Bird, which has the external appearance of a direct resemblance to a bird, fluttering its wings. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before scientists predicted the introduction of robots instead of sellers.

As soon as the engineer heard the cheers, he decided to build an electric butterfly that behavioral manners resembled genuine Lepidoptera creature. A new invention called Ruymbeke MetaFly.

According to the technical characteristics length extraordinary creation is 19 inches, the indicators are equal to the wingspan of 29 inches. The above invention can fly like a real butterfly, and control is via the remote, the range of which reaches 100 meters.

A significant advantage of this robot is its low weight which is only 10 grams. As noted by the developer, the charging duration is 15 minutes enough for 8 minutes of flight. The movement speed of the robot is 12 kilometers per hour. Fundamental elements of this creation is carbon fiber, bigsale-oriented film.
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