Why is it necessary to save the President

“After the confessions of Michael Cohen and ahead of the conclusions of the investigation Robert Mueller will again be a question of impeachment of the President of the United States. Interested whether it the Democrats?” – think Explorer Swiss newspaper LeTemps Frederick Koller.

Public hearings before a congressional Committee, Michael Cohen, a former lawyer, Donald trump, reminded the trial repentant mafia. While he certainly did not lead any evidence in order to crush the occupant of the White house. But yet it is the testimony of another former employee of the President, dorisovyvali portrait of a habitual liar.

Deputies-Republicans portrayed outrage at the sworn lies of an unscrupulous lawyer, whose words will no longer have any value. So it is, in the past Michael Cohen lied a lot. At the request of his boss. This little rascal was in the service at large, popav under the spell of the extraordinary personality, according to him (or “the godfather”, the description of James Comey, former head of the FBI).

Today Michael Cohen says that he is against his boss from moral considerations, for the sake of preserving what’s left of “social norms” in his country. To put it more prosaically, he just saves his own skin by cooperating with the investigation Robert Mueller about the relationships between the members of the election headquarters of Donald trump and Russia. Because the Vice is compressed.

And the dishonest deals of the President (in his payments to former mistresses for silence and for his Russian contacts) are becoming increasingly documented.

During the second half of the mandate, the question about impeachment of Donald trump will be recurrent: bribery or witness intimidation, attempted obstruction of justice, violation of the law on financing of elections – as cause for removal from office threatened the 45 th President of the United States. But whether it will be activated impeachment?

The threat of the procedure, without going to specific measures would be much more secure way to ensure the defeat of Donald trump in the presidential election next year. The multiplication of the number of hearings will complete the portrait of a man, unfit for the position. Moreover, at the beginning of 2019, it was found that the efficiency trump has not met expectations. How much would it everywhere nor boasted of his success, he moves from one failure to another: with the budget, with its wall, to immigration, to health care, with North Korea, with Iran in the near future with China.

A healthy economy – which he largely inherited from his predecessor is the only factor on which he can rely to meet face to face with the electorate in a strong position. It still has to allow him to dream of a second term.

However, there is a final argument that should convince Democrats to abandon forever the idea of impeachment. Hasty departure of Donald trump will bring to power his Vice President Mike Pence. This ultra-worker can cause more damage to the democratic health of the United States and world peace.

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