An activist of the staff of protection of Russian schools: Russian language is not foreign to Latvia

In Latvia there was another incident Russophobic nature. A citizen of the country clung to the hair of the bus driver, who was talking in Russian.

The incident was reported by the journalists of the Latvian edition of the news Agency “Sputnik”, which quoted the passenger as saying that she missed my stop because the bus driver, who “pretended not to know the state language”.

“Showed her the ticket and she answered me in Russian, despite the fact that I spoke to her in Latvian. Why do we speak in a foreign language?” — complains a passenger.

In the end, the lady missed a stop and grabbed the driver’s hair, women.

It should be noted that representatives of the bus fleet is quite a different version of events. In Daugavpils bus Park, noted that all their drivers know the Latvian language.

He commented on the incident, an activist of the staff of protection of Russian schools Dmytro Prokopenko on air of TV channel “TV NewsFront”.

“It’s really sad. Before such things occurred. Today, in the everyday problems appear components of language. I was struck by the fact that the passenger stated his surprise that she, like, speak a foreign language. In fact in Latvia there are, for example, Riga, where more than half the population speak Russian, so Russian language is not foreign in Latvia. People came up with it and make us live in this paradigm,” said the speaker.
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