Garden pool. Operating tips

Garden pool. Operating tips Hello lovers of DIY creativity, good day to all! Garden pool. Operating tips
I want to distract you from homemade products and speculate a little. Garden pool. Tips for use
the reasoning will be “Garden Pool”.
Someone will help my advice, someone will refute what has been written, and someone, perhaps, will supplement the material with their reflections, practical advice, “life hacks”. Garden pool. Operating tips
Beginning …
Summer, heat, season, it's time to take out the pool “mothballed” since autumn.
For the third season I have been using a frameless round pool with an inflatable board. In principle, the pool is easy to install and maintain, it is enough for it to find a more or less level area, a water sampling point and an electrical point.
But there are also disadvantages – you need to be very careful with the inflatable part, and the main part is the same. I will tell you how I, based on my practice, “kept” the pool.
Season 1
Two years ago, on the basis of an action, I “grabbed” a pool of Ф2500 mm. That evening we put it on a paved area, inflated the ring, poured water, everything is fine, stood, the water warmed up, we swim and rejoice. Week – who just from the living creatures “did not take their own lives” in our “bass”, ants, butterflies, unknown beetles, etc. Naturally, water is “stagnant”, dead organic matter, epidermis, spores and seeds of plants, the sun, all this “launched” the process of water flowering. The water from the pool was drained and replaced with a new one, and the sides were flushed. Having read somewhere material with advice – I clogged up the water. The color turned out to be beautiful, but vitriol, in “zero”, did not want to dissolve. For the second “filling” of the pool, I bought a special pump, several filters for it and a protective awning (a piece of blue, round, modern nylon burlap, with a sewn-in rope around the circumference) to fit my “basik” size.
Garden pool. Operating tips At first, everything worked as it should, but after a while, I see, there is no water flow from the pump outlet. I take off the cover – “oil painting”, i.e. vitriol – the filter is all clogged with crystals, which also began to grow during the campaign. I didn’t drain the water, but changed the filters every day, since they are reusable (I’m probably still using them for the third season) and washed with a stream of water through a pistol-type nozzle with different holes. A spare filter is dried nearby, on an apple tree and is always “at hand”.
A photo of not a “Vitriol” filter. Here's an example of how I always maintain a filter …
Garden pool. Operating tips Garden pool. Operating tips  Garden pool. Operating tips Further more – a curious cat jumped and…. left holes from claws on the inflatable part Garden pool. Operating tips – pasted over. I tried various adhesives “Superglue”, “Rubber”, and some other, but “Moment for PVC boats” came up best of all.
Since the pool was installed on a hard surface, the daughter hit the bottom several times, and when you walk along the bottom, you think you’ll step on the sensations, it’s soft, but no, I didn’t guess. Then, I don’t remember, the water still bloomed. Roofing felts of the filter “hammered, or forgot” to change, roofing felts something else, we played enough with the pool. The water was drained, and the “crumb” was washed, rolled up and put into the closet until next season.
Season 2
The solemn process of “getting out”, installing, inflating the “donut”, pouring, connecting, the first dipping has passed. The pool, now placed on a grassy meadow, feels more pleasant for the feet. The pump is pumping, the filter is being filtered, everything seems to be normal, but … … The “bagel” began to blow off, washing showed, “old wounds are bleeding,” cat scratches. I pasted it over. Time has passed, blown away, what is it? I barely found small holes and from where – next to my wife's rose garden and, apparently, in a strong wind, a “bagel” stuck with branches of roses.
This time I used “White” as a disinfectant, the “Septic” system worked.
But the fucking “donut” didn't want to hold the air in any way. Because of this, the awning was constantly torn off, and he dresses like a hat on the part of the pool inflated with air. This season I had no time especially to monitor the state of the pool, I was busy building a bath ( ” We put a log house “, ” Decorate a log house “, Predbannik “, Porch ). In short, the water bloomed again. The process is happening very quickly, the moment of the point of no return has been missed. This bagel shook me, I can't find the holes and that's it. The decision was to go and buy a new bus. And since it was already the middle of summer, the demand for the products dropped, and the weather was no longer hot, I bought a new pool again for the promotion. The bottom of the old pool was cut off and put on a lining, under the new one. Before the installation of a new one, it was used as a temporary awning “for something” and a decor – bedding, for a photo of homemade products “Shrinkage compensators “. By the way, where the pool once stood, there remains a characteristic, empty spot on the lawn, the grass does not grow.
Since the bathhouse was almost completed, the debris was removed, it was decided to determine a specific place to install the pool in front of the entrance. He organized a round platform out of sand, leveling the ground drops, spreading the substrate. I open the box, take out the pool and lay it out, I can't understand why it is bigger than the area? It turns out that the last pool was “grabbed” for the action, but it turned out to be Ф3000 mm., Yeah, it happens, comrades … .. I increase the platform, install it, connect it, but the awning for the pool is 2500 mm. The way out is this – I pulled out the pulling rope and throw the awning just into the water and it floats on top, the diameter fits the inside of the “donut”.
Garden pool. Operating tips Season 3
Garden pool. Operating tips The moment of installing the pool has come! We do everything as it should be. A very small hole appeared on the side of the drain hole (Where?). The leak was eliminated with a piece of “red” double-sided tape (one side was stuck on the finger and glue the hole from the inside).
This season I used Whiteness from the Svetofor store, a cheap three-liter bottle. In the “first run” I poured 6 “baklashki” into the water (but the concentration in them is weak, not like in the “Whiteness of 1-liter” from the household departments). The volume of the pool is declared to be 3800 liters, but the figure is naturally not accurate, when filling it, no one measures it with “buckets”. Week 2, free chlorine was doing its job.
At the next maintenance of the pool, I see, the pressure of water disappeared from the outlet pipe, almost completely. I open the pump – in the “snot” filter. I change the filter to a clean one – everything is fine …
I also have a children's net for catching insects (bought in the Fix Price store), so it is amazingly suitable for catching debris, fallen insects, etc. .
Garden pool. Operating tips Garden pool. Operating tips Recently I came across the products of a local company – they sell chlorine tablets. I bought it, try it. You know, I enjoyed using this product (not advertising). A jar of 300 grams, I poured one out at once, for the sake of experiment. The tablets dissolve quickly. I took a jar with a detergent effect.
Garden pool. Operating tips The characteristic mucus, to the touch, disappeared on the sides of the Basik. Replacing the filter periodically and the free chlorine does its job. Can you please tell me, does the chlorine evaporate, or not?
Before entering the pool, I asked the household to rinse their feet, for this I put a basin of plain water.
Garden pool. Operating tips This season I use a second awning for protection, bought for inexpensive, in the “Traffic Light” and was not originally intended for the pool. Serves as protection from the wind, because blue, free-floating, in a strong wind “collected” to the board, and add. sun protection, won't hurt. It is attached to the eyelets, through the pegs, to the ground. The middle of the tents still touches the water, either on this one or on the previous one. The awnings are not stretched into the “string”. But when I pull off the blue “floating” awning, it collects debris from the surface, in the sun it dries up and everything is just shaken off.
 Garden pool. Operating tips Garden pool. Operating tips Garden pool. Operating tips The pump is powered from an external bath outlet.
Garden pool. Operating tips This is how it is supported almost clean water in the pool, and the temperature is comfortable for swimming. Garden pool. Operating tips
Garden pool. Operating tips Garden pool. Operating tips Garden pool. Tips for use Let's summarize the above, we will find “Ingredients of success”. Garden pool. Operating tips
1. We use a substrate, a flat area.
2. Eliminate all piercing – cutting around.
3. Use the awning.
4. Provide water circulation and filtration.
5. Use antiseptics.
6. Rinse yourself before diving, after the steam room and enter with “clean” feet.
7. Catch large debris and organic matter.
8. Change the filter elements more often (2 – 3 days, I try not to let the water circulation stop).
9. Restrict animals from the pool.
10. Take a shower after swimming in the pool, after all, there are antiseptics in the water.
11. Carefully roll up, unfold the “crumb” to exclude PVC creases (do not tamp for storage).
At first I thought – “I'll put the pool and we will splash carelessly!”, I didn't guess, the pool is not just for you, you need to keep an eye on it. And the bigger the pool, the more fuss…. Garden pool. Operating tips
PS This is basically all my thoughts that I wanted to share.
Add your thoughts in the comments, it will be very nice if this topic finds a circle of friends.
HOLIDAYS, summer days and a good rest !!! Garden pool. Operating tips  Garden pool . Tips for using


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