In new York the “king of pharmacies” will be judged for multimillion-dollar fraud, drugs and Medicaid

The owner of pharmacies in the state of new York is accused in a multimillion dollar fraud under the program Medicaid.

Aftab Hussain owned pharmacies in Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester County and launder the millions he stole from Medicaid through dummy corporations and numerous Bank accounts.

The charges against the “king of pharmacies” put forward by the office of the state attorney General Letitia James.

Hussein was arrested on March 1, he is in custody, but may bail at $2 million

Here is how to carry out the fraudulent scheme. Hussain opened a new pharmacy to buy a limited number of drugs from legitimate wholesalers. After that, he acquired “on the cheap” twice drugs from illegal sources, receiving reimbursement from Medicaid, and then changed the documents in the pharmacy, or sold it.

Under the scheme it paid pharmacies kickbacks to Medicaid recipients. The lawsuit States that one of pharmacies Hussein in Harlem called low-income patients to take their medication against HIV and AIDS back in after the Medicaid program reimbursed the expenses on their acquisition.

Low-income patients for the “delivery” of drugs worth up to $2,000 for a package pay just $25 to $100.

Here is a list of pharmacies that are in the lawsuit the state attorney General:

  • Harlem Super Pharmacy;
  • E-the Green Pharmacy in Hamilton Heights;
  • Broadway Rx in Hamilton Heights;
  • A&Z Dug Store in Mount Vernon;
  • Health Smart Pharmacy in the Bronx, later renamed the Health Smart Rx.

In the fraud scheme were also used by the wife of Hussein, his daughter, girlfriend and son.

“Pharmaceutical king” to convince poor patients to sell cheap HIV drugs and resold them updated: March 13, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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