The President of Moldova after the elections, visited Moscow on an unofficial visit

In Moldova continue to discuss scenarios for possible coalitions in the Parliament. Officially the party is not conducting any negotiations, the socialists are awaiting approval by the Constitutional court on the results of the recent 24 February elections, and the head of state had, in his words, to relax with the family in Moscow. Some observers, however, said of the impending coalition between the PDM, psrm.

The democratic party of Moldova, which received the second result of the election, was again invited passed in the Parliament all parties to the negotiations. Moreover, according to its Chairman Vladimir Chebotar, to begin negotiations should as soon as possible.

Vladimir Cebotari: “We do not want early elections. It is possible to avoid in Parliament if there was consensus. No need to waste time and experience people. We have already made the first steps on election day, we invited all parties to the negotiations. We have shown our openness and said that they do not hold grudges on anybody. Political struggle is one thing, but the welfare of the citizens is another. This issue need to be taken seriously.”

Cebotari also announced the 10 principleson which the Democrats intend to hold talks about a future coalition. Among them are “Political orientation is Pro-Moldova”, “implementation of the Association agreement with the EU” and “the neutrality of the country.”

In the last Parliament the opposition Bloc ACUM Pro-European direction has already stated that it will not join in any coalition. One of its leaders, the head of the party PAS Maia Sandu, the TV channel TV8 recalled that in the pre-election campaign promised not to enter into coalitions with groups of Vlad Plahotniuc, Igor Dodon and businessman Ilan Shor.

Maia Sandu: “And the party of socialists and the Democratic party, and the party of “shore” clans of thieves, otherwise they would not be allowed in the election campaign and before so many violations. We will act with the bills. If among these parties there are people who want to liberate the country and take care let no one in the first place, but the interests of the people, these initiatives will support”.

Maia Sandu believes that if the parliamentary elections were free and fair, the balance of power in the new Parliament would be very different. Sandu believes that ACUM was deprived of votes by discrediting and false news.

President Igor Dodon its position at the expense of the future coalition said the air close to him channel NTV Moldova. The head of state said that Moldova is likely to undergo early elections, and said that the socialists will not hold any talks with the party only Ilan Shor.

Igor Dodon: “There are four parties, three of them agree. Create a coalition of three or two out of the three create. My opinion, not as President — will not be able to negotiate. But who knows, if you agree, even offer. If it starts buying up the deputies — the transition for the sake of some higher purpose, I won’t have it. In this case, it is not necessary to try, because I will call on the people in the area, and people leave, I’m sure. It will end — don’t know.”

The President, however, said that the majority coalition needs to support “statehood, the country’s neutrality, to conduct a balanced foreign policy.”

Having studied the “10 principles” released by the Democratic party, and watching the broadcast of President, political analyst of the newspaper Newsmaker Eugene Sholar came to the conclusion that Moldova is waiting for the coalition parties, Democrats and socialists.

Eugene Solar: “If you assess the statements that each of the players did after the election, it is possible to conclude that looms almost 100% the scenario of how it will look next coalition. But before it is formed, I think, will be even a lot of political ritual dance, initiatives, proposals which are intended to justify the already foregone final decision. The first thing to pay attention to the statements which were made by Igor Dodon, when he outlined five scenarios of what appears to be a possible event. He spoke much more transparent than, perhaps, wanted to speak. Then came the 10 points of the democratic party, and, in principle, emerges quite clear line that in one form or another will be a coalition between the Democrats and the socialists.”

Although in terms of information appeared unusual for the post-election period, pause, party conduct an internal dialogue, be sure Solar.

Eugene Solar: “I think that this pause is filled with defined internal discussions within political parties, because the balance of the situation is absolutely clear, there’s no intrigue. Largely scenarios that are now being worked out, were worked out before the elections. Was already noticeable in certain areas when the democratic party announced its fourth way “Pro-Moldova”, when he refused to denounce the Association agreement with the EU and so on. The current situation is interesting in terms of the unit ACUM: how to operate? The fundamental question is, what is terrible for them — Dodon or plahotniuc”.

At the end of last week, the President Igor Dodon together with his family went to Moscow to, in his words, take a break from the election campaign. Eugene Solar believes that the head of state went to Russia is not accidental.

Eugene Solar: “Advice, which President along with a visit to the Bolshoi theatre, will take place in Moscow, too, can be regarded as internal negotiations. Political leaders in Moscow — in General, people are quite pragmatic, but at the same time, they have their own pride. These things, which in recent years has made plahotniuc and his power against Russia, did not go unnoticed, and I think there would be interested in removing the power of Plahotniuc and the Democratic party. Moreover, if they were thinking pragmatically, the option of a coalition with the Dodon ACUM would be more preferable for them. Because of Dodona have an internal obligation here, so to speak, they, in a sense on the hook, the purpose of his trip to Moscow to convince, contrary to many rational things that the coalition with Plotnikom will be more than anything for Russia.”

The socialists themselves, the script coalition, psrm, PDM and yet deny.

“In the media there was a lot of speculation that the socialists will go to the coalition with whom is unclear,” — said at a press conference on Tuesday, 5 March, the leader of the party Zinaida Greceanii. “While the constitutional Court does not approve the mandates of deputies, we do not store absolutely no negotiations with any political force”, — said the politician.

We will remind, on February 24 in Moldova was held parliamentary elections, which were held under a mixed system of voting. 50 deputies were elected on party lists, 51 in single — mandate constituencies.

Pro-presidential party of socialists should obtain in the new Parliament with 35 seats out of 101, the Democrats — 30 seats, the opposition bloc ACUM — 26 seats, and the party of “shore” — the seven seats. Also the Parliament held three deputies participating in the elections as independent candidates.
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