In Moscow, police detained the activists with balloons

On Sakharov Avenue in Moscow before the start of the rally for free Runet police detained eight activists who were handing out balloons. On 10 March, according to OVD-info.

Balloons detainees had seized and loaded into paddy wagons. According to one of the leaders of the libertarian party of Mikhail Svetov, the police explained that it was “unmanned flying vehicle”.

Seven members of the libertarian party, who acted as the organizer of the action, reports “Rain”. They were taken to the police Department in the Krasnoselsky district.

According to OVD-info, the total number of detainees in Moscow — 16 people. During the rally, detained one man, the police dragged him into a paddy wagon, holding the arms and legs, reports “Rain”.

In St. Petersburg, held pickets against the isolation of Runet. The activists of the libertarian party and the “Agit Russia” blocked the door of the local office of the Roskomnadzor red-white ribbon and lit the flares around him.

It is reported about two of the detained activists in St. Petersburg. Then both were released without protocols.

The rally for free Runet was coordinated with the city of Moscow. It stems from the fact that the State Duma is considering a bill about the isolation of Runet. The authors of the bill explain that “external threats”.

According to the data of the”White counter”, 15:30 local time at the rally missed more than 15 thousand people. According to police, on Sakharov Avenue was released six and a half thousand people.
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