Designer Julia Nachalova: “for the Sake of filming, she endured the pain and hide the bumps from gout gloves”

Designer Alexander Titkov, who worked with the singer on the set, openly talked about the disease Nachalovo.

According to the publication riafan, Alexander Titkov, a long time working with Julia Nachalova, knew about the illness of the singer and saw how hard she endured, reports LigaNews.

According to the designer, the singer was constantly hiding my hands in gloves so no one noticed her lump, which appeared due to gout.

Titkov added that these cones were constantly increased in size, and because of this, and foot size also increased, so Yulia was very hard to find shoes.

“It was hard to stand in high heels. She complained that it is difficult to find shoes, foot somehow grew in size. For the sake of filming, she endured the pain,” shared Alexander.

As it became known, Russian singer, actress and TV presenter Yulia Nachalova, without regaining consciousness, has died at the age of 38 years in the intensive care unit of Moscow hospitals. According to the information received, Julia died of acute heart failure, which occurred due to pulmonary edema and brain.

To bury the singer plan on Troekurov cemetery on 21 March on the street Ryabinovaya, 24. To say goodbye to Nachalovo will be in the memorial hall from 12 to 14 hours.

As previously reported LigaNews, health problems Yulia Nachalova occurred after breast surgery. It is also known that the dead Yulia Nachalova called enemy concert in the DNI.
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