In the faults of new Madrid expected 9-point earthquake: 30-meter tsunami can demolish some countries

Russian experts have voiced unflattering predictions about developments in one of the American faults.

It was established that in the foreseeable future it is expected a crushing 9-point earthquake. A disaster could happen within a few weeks. Tentative date for the all-consuming natural disasters – March 20. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before the Canadians occupied the icy tsunami.

The epicenter of the seismic activity will be located in the tectonic of new Madrid, which is geographically located in California. Victims may be localities which are in Central and South America.

In the event of aftershocks expected appearance of a 30-meter tsunami. As soon as the trouble passes Americans, the next sufferers will be residents of Asian countries. The forecast is based on the appearance of fine electromagnetic signals in the upper layers of the air shell of the planet.

Moreover, the intentions of the Russian and British experts there is a desire to run in open space combines a satellite that will help to capture anomalies in the atmosphere. The hypothesis of Russian scientists also confirmed a famous new Zealand mathematician Ken Ring.
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