Work from home is a potential health hazard, warn experts

Hyderabad: To ensure optimal functioning of body systems, it is important that a daily diet have two different fruits, whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins. This is being recommended as many people are working from home: Given the small distance between the kitchen and working table, many are indulging in binge eating.

The eight-to-ten hour work schedule and sitting for long hours with no movement outside homes has led to an increased risk of obesity in the working age group of 25 to 45 years.

Dr K. Sunitha Premalatha, chief dietician at Yashoda Hospitals, said, "Obesity is rising in the work-from-home mode as there is binge eating, regular snacking and energy expenditure is restricted due to limited movement.”

For this reason, she said, they were asking this section of people to opt for whole foods like whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds when they have an urge to snack. “Opting for healthy options will help them as there is stress and emotional eating due to the pandemic and their changed work environments," Dr Premalatha said.

In the second wave those in the age-group of 25 to 45 years formed 45 per cent of Covid patient-load and of them 20 per cent in intensive care unit admissions were obese, prediabetic and diabetic. This change, according to a random study of 100 patients in Hyderabad in the last one year, was due to staying at home.

Dr Premalatha said, "Pandemic waves are unprecedented and changing situations demand healthy choices in foods. Traditional foods with nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, fermented foods like idli, dosa and fermented rice, play an important role in improving the gut flora.”

She said the gut flora is an important part of the immune system and natural pro and prebiotics go a long way in keeping it strong. “Those who have to opt for supplements must do so with proper advice as that will benefit them," she said.


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