Anti-Russian system of Europe begin to sway

The practice of restrictive measures against Moscow was very disadvantageous for the countries of the European Union and Brussels bureaucrats are at a disadvantage, as Italy begins methodically to negotiate concessions, generating thus an interesting trend.

This was told by political analyst Vasily Koltashov, commenting on to Federal news Agency the statement of the former Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi, who said that Russia and the EU need to take a step towards each other that the term will end with the anti-Russian sanctions.

According to experts, Rome “begins to play against eurocrate, defending their interests”. However, he noted that such happens far not for the first time.

“Italy is trying to put pressure on the EU from the anti-Russian sanctions. She, of course, is unprofitable, but likely the Italians just bargain for yourself a deal with Brussels. The thrust of the battle for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, they lead now will not. But the sanctions front it still feels shaken,” — explains the Koltashov.

However, he was sure that the Italians tend to get their share of the “European pie”. This is evidenced by the words of the former Prime Minister of Italy on Nord stream-2, which, according to Prodi, the best of Germany, though contrary to the EU position.

“The best Germans “Nord stream — 2”, and “South stream”, which would directly deliver Russian gas to Italy would be a threat to their dominant positions in the EU. Germany needs to Italians continued to engage in tourism and olives. Italy wants something more”, — he stated.
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