4-year-old boy died of influenza. Opponents of vaccinations blamed his mother

Not so long ago 4-year-old boy died of influenza. His grieving mother, who did not want to call themselves, turned to Facebook, hoping to read the messages of consolation from family and friends. But instead met with a barrage of negativity on the part of the opponents of vaccination.

You’re a terrible mother. You killed your child. You deserved what happened to your son“- such comments I saw shocked woman.

Many other mothers who lost their children because of the flu or other viral diseases that had experienced similar reactions coming from activists advocating against vaccination. Often they use the following tactics: when someone’s child dies, the members of the group are pushing each other to go to the page of the mother or father in Facebook to leave angry comments and curses.

Jill Promoli from Canada, lost their 2-year-old son because of the flu, said that the way activists are trying to silence those people who can give the most compelling argument in favor of vaccination, because their children died from diseases preventable with vaccines.

A very happy birthday to my rainbows, Thomas and Jude. Oh boys. You’ll never know how much I love you, but I’ll spend…

Posted by Jill Promoli McGee on Friday, January 16, 2015

The flu took the life of one of the twins Promoli, Jude McGee, three years ago. When the autopsy showed that the boy died of influenza, Promoli launched a campaign for the prevention of influenza, which includes the promotion of vaccination.

I know that these people are really trying to hurt me, and I understand that the reason they do it is that they want me to stop, “says Promoli. According to her, some protivoparaz accused her of murder Jude and also that she invented the story about the flu in order to hide his crime.

But Promoli said that despite all the hundreds of nasty messages in her address, she continues to work in this direction.

The work that we do, may mean that someone else won’t have to plan a funeral for your baby, and that’s all, “said Promoli.

It takes two weeks to develop immunity. Have you gone yet? Here’s your reminder. The flu shot isn’t a personal choice,…

Posted by Jill Promoli McGee on Monday, November 19, 2018

Larry cook, the founder of Stop Mandatory Vaccination, does not deny that such attacks on the parents exist. In an email to CNN , he wrote that members of his group month left more than half a million reviews on the page in Facebook.

I do not approve of violent behavior or tone and do not encourage violations of the rules of etiquette during the discussion, “- said cook, noting that he and some of the more than 160 thousand group members themselves often facing threats. Activist attached to the email is a screenshot of the message, in which he wrote: “I Finally found out where you live. Finally I can put a bullet through you. You’re dead“.

During public comment at the meeting of the Advisory Committee on immunization, the Center for disease control (CDC), more than a dozen people voiced their concerns about vaccines. Some spoke of regression after vaccination and development of autism. But despite this, the American Academy of Pediatrics States: “Vaccines are safe. Vaccines effective. Vaccines save lives“.

Scientists in their recent study proved that all the concerns about the connection of vaccines and autism is unfounded.

The grieving mother is not the only victims of abuse. Dorit Reiss, Professor of law school of the University of California at Hastings has received countless messages of this kind.

Slut, this is quite usually, “says Reuss, a proponent of vaccination who wrote a lot about vaccinations.

Some users of Facebook say that her kids look sickly in the photographs and that to blame the vaccine. Of all the different messages from protivoparaz Reuss said that her most angry voice message left by her husband on his work phone.

If I hear or see something written by your wife after today, I will publish your phone number, your work phone number, your work address, her work address and her work telephone number, “said the caller, who correctly named all of their personal data.

But there are groups who are struggling with gjlj,ysvb attacks. For example, Jill Promoli knocked Erin Costello, administrator of the Facebook page “What’s the Harm?”, which supports the vaccine. She warned the mother that she will become a victim of attacks. As told Costello she and other proponents of vaccination create a fake account, then join the closed protivopolojnym groups to spy on them.

Opponents of vaccination have accused the mother of 4-year-old son died of influenza, his murder updated: March 20, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets
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