Full Qurbani Service gaining popularity in Hyderabad for Bakrid animal sacrifice

Hyderabad: With no restriction on makeshift cattle markets on the eve of Bakrid in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic, people are showing interest in the ‘Full Qurbani Service’, which includes buying and maintaining cattle for sacrifice, arranging their slaughter, cutting and processing the meat, and delivering it to customers’ homes, or to others.

This year, Bakrid here is expected to fall on July 21. It is observed on the 10th day of the last Islamic month 'Zilhajjah'. The faithful sacrifice animals for three days. In this month, Haj is also performed. It takes place between the eighth and 13th days of the last lunar month.

The arrangements for the collective sacrifice of cattle on three days of Bakrid have been made by a few organisations, particularly at the Deeni Madarsa. Now traders and other organisations are also expressing interest in this practice.

It is difficult to follow the old practice — moving around in crowded markets for purchasing sheep, goat or buffaloes, feeding the animal for two or three days, conforming to legal and social restrictions in sacrificing the animal at their door and searching for a butcher for slaughtering and cutting the meat.  Many people are switching towards ‘Full Qurbani Services’ offered by many organisations and traders.

The circumstances brought about by the pandemic have helped such services gain popularity and acceptability here since last year. Covid-19 forced people to stay indoors. As a result, the e-commerce market got its mass acceptability.

People residing in flats in residential complexes and gated communities particularly in mixed-religion areas find this practice of surrogate or remote sacrifice as the best option. It allows the smooth performance of a religious ritual without hurting anyone. Some residents of the tradition-bound Old City are also opting for this facility.

Syed Sadiq Ali, a resident of Nampally, said Full Qurbani Service is a good idea. “This method has already been popular in several Muslim countries. Though the satisfaction of purchasing an animal of our choice and keeping it in houses for two-three days and slaughtering it in our presence has its importance, this alternative method is safe and risk-free. This trend is getting popular in our city as well,” Syed said.


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