Media: for the sake of victory on the European front Makron “buried the hatchet”

On Tuesday, March 5, the main theme of French Newspapers — the article of the President of Macron “For a European Renaissance”, addressed to all citizens of the European Union. The General conclusions reached by the leading French media: first, the Makron de facto started “their” European election campaign; secondly, for the sake of victory in the “decisive battle” he abruptly changed the discourse.

“Although the Elysee Palace swears that this is not the “Manifesto” campaign (for the elections to the European Parliament), but the article is reminiscent of that pre-election Manifesto”, writes the right-wing paper Le Figaro.

The newspaper considers that the President, “joining the (campaign) game,” deliberately emphasizes the drama of the moment. “If I allow myself to contact you directly,” “citizens of Europe”, I’m not just doing this “in the name of history and values that unite us”. I’m doing this “because there is such an urgent need,” — said in the debut article.

The urgency lies in the fact that “decisive for the European future” of the European Parliament elections less than three months. “Elections are won on fear”, — said the newspaper Le Figaro, “a source from the presidential team.”

In your editorial, Makron used these “fears” and at the same time in order to warn and to reassure.

Because, on the one hand, according to the newspaper Le Monde, President, stressing that “European civilization” is already “protects us” — offers a new “protectionist measures” (in particular, the tightening of the Schengen rules, as well as the creation of equal minimum social guarantees for employees in all EU countries).

But on the other hand, Makron leads to “negative example” Brekzita, saying that it is “a symbol of the crisis in Europe, which failed to respond to the needs of the people to be protected from severe shocks of the modern world”. And in the end defeated the populists, who deceived the British people who truly could not imagine all the difficulties caused by the withdrawal from the EU.

To look convincing in the role of “protector” macron, as noted by the left newspaper Libération, has dramatically changed the discourse compared to his previous performances. The newspaper stresses that the current proposal Rules are very similar to the “strict European policy of” Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Ten years ago, Sarkozy, who was then President of France, also spoke of a “new Renaissance” of Europe”, underlines Libération and quotes Francois Coppet, the former head of right party “Union for a popular movement” (now the “Republicans”). “This editorial was to be written by my political associates,” said a COP.

Add to that the fact that on the day of publication on the front page of the Macron to his team was joined by a representative of the same right-wing party, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin as, and will become even more clearly evident in which way the “political spectrum” has shifted macron for success in the European elections.

“Many of the proposed actions have all signs in order to appeal to voters right, everywhere in Europe,” concludes Libération.

There are other changes in mokronowski approach to European politics, highlights Le Monde. First, “after 19 months of travel to 19 countries of the EU,” macron “I realized that I should focus on Franco-German relations and the creation of “closed clubs” rather separates than unites”. That is why in today’s editorial there is no mention about the “importance” of the Franco-German partnership for the conservation of the European Union.

Second, the rules realized that the policy of the opposition of “progressives” (led by himself) “the plague of nationalism” (led by the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salvini and Hungarian Prime Minister Orban) “divides society even more than (project one) of Europe”.

“So on the eve of this election campaign, Mr macron wants to play the role of unifier, not the Prosecutor, as it was before.” “On Sunday evening, March 3, speaking on Italian TV, he was so charming and the smile — and the question of whether to call himself “the main enemy Salvini and Orban”. Moreover, according to Le Monde, President Makron ready to “bury the hatchet” with the other “illiberal democracy”, Poland, where I should go in April.

Certainly, within Europe, he now wants to become a mediator. While calls for tougher approach to “foreign forces” that are “attacking” the European values and intervene in the European elections. And if this article Makron “directly and says” that the intervention of the Russian, he is transparent hints at it, writes Le Figaro.
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