Lev Rubinstein the rally for free Runet: the Youth came out against “the party of the past”

In protest against isolation of Runet on Sakharov Avenue was attended by the poet and publicist Lev Rubinstein. In an interview with RFI, he told about his impressions about this event, which, according to the “White counter”, was released more than 15 thousand people.

“The first thing I was pleasantly surprised, this is a significant and noticeable amount of very young people with hair of different colors — all right. I realized that this story with the Internet, it seems, has finally awakened completely different segments of the population, especially the young, for whom the Internet is almost innate habitat. They grew up and it is not going to part with it. I think they finally “broke through”on something,” said Lev Rubinstein.

“It (the Internet RFI) applies to all except the absolutely mossy authorities who just don’t know what it is. (…) People, representing modernity in all its manifestations, to assert their rights in relation to “the party of the past””, — said the poet.

Moscow rally was held on the initiative of the libertarian party and has been agreed with the local authorities. As reported by OVD-info in Moscow detained a total of about 30 people. Among them — those who handed out balloons before the start of the rally. Balloons detainees had seized and loaded into paddy wagons. According to one of the leaders of the libertarian party of Mikhail Svetov, the police explained that it was “unmanned flying vehicle”. They impute violation of the rules of the promotion.

During the rally, detained one man, the police dragged him into a paddy wagon, holding the arms and legs, reports “Rain”. And after the rally the police detained 13 people, according to organizers. “Radio Liberty” reportsthat among those detained the correspondent of radio station Andrey Kiselev.
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