The state is obliged to help every citizen of Russia – Putin on poverty

20 Feb at 12:00 (Moscow) Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, delivered a Message to the Federal Assembly, which became the 15th.

In his speech the head of state walked in all fields, but special attention was paid to ordinary Russians, the resource LIGAnews.

19 years ago, the poverty line in Russia were 40 million people, and in our day – 19 million But is still a very high figure, said the President of Russia. While Putin does not exclude that the real figure is much worse than the one lead official statisticians.

Poverty in Russia has become the norm, but it should not be, stressed Vladimir Putin. The state is obliged to help every citizen of the country.

Not like the President of Russia and the indexation of pensions under the new pension reform. In the end, it turns out that a raise or not, or it is not in the size as it was announced, officials said.
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