Shoot yourself in the foot: the Sands Klimkin about the Agreement between Ukraine and Russia

Dmitry Peskov and Pavel Klimkin agreed to give comments on termination of the Agreement on friendship, cooperation and partnership between Russia and Ukraine.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia said that the termination of the document does not meet the interests of neither Ukraine nor Russia, the resource LIGAmews.

It’s the same as shooting yourself in the foot, said Sands.

The Russian foreign Ministry has sent a note of protest to Ukraine, which refers to the violation by Kiev of a number of points to the Contract.

Pavlo Klimkin, foreign Minister of Ukraine, has decided to respond to Moscow on his page in Facebook. He said that the protest took 12 pages. Meanwhile, Russia blames Ukraine, and if so, Kyiv is on the right track, said foreign Minister of Ukraine.
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