Reminds himself every 6 years: radio operators frequently record the signals emanating from sunken titanica

Specialists released interesting information about one of the most vast sea of vehicles of modernity – titanica.

As you know, the crashed ship still reminds himself of the mystical incidents that it is difficult to give a plausible and rational interpretation. So, sixty years later, after retiring to the bottom of the enduring, in the opinion of the creators of the ship the Telegraph was able to signal SOS, which was sent aboard the legendary sea vehicle. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

The radio operator decided to tell about the strangeness of the boss, but he just laughed. Then the radio operator has studied the archives, thanks to which found that Titanic sending a distress signal every six years. Notable is the fact that the recipients of the data pulses are employees of ships from different countries.

Also one of the most recent evidence is the signal, caught the vessel Quebec, dated 1996. It is not excluded that the next time the anomaly will be repeated in the coming year. At the moment, researchers have to know what triggers such a powerful radio-frequency pulses.

Before it was for sale the mirror from the Titanic. Recall that the wreck of the Titanic has a special purpose.
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