The lawyer of the hockey player Alexander Frolov commented on the court of the dead Julia Nachalova

The case began, says a human rights activist, long before the tragic death of the actress.

Lawyers hockey player Alexander Frolov said that the death of Russian singer Julia Nachalova will not be able to force the athlete to the withdrawal of the suit on the legality of the purchase of a half share in an apartment in Moscow. This was reported by “MK“, reports the “League news Russia”.

Yulia Nachalova before his death, made a Frank admission, as if anticipating his death

“We, in turn, also very sorry that has left the life of this young woman and her daughter were left without a mother. But the dispute arose much earlier than has happened these sad events, and it will sooner or later have to do something,” – said the lawyer Frolov.

It is known that the athlete bought a half flat at the singer 20 million RUB in 2015. Later Nachalova said that he had not received the money from the player. After the death star right to the apartment moved her 12-year-old daughter.

According to shurova, she initially fell into a swoon, and then went on reception to the neurologist, but later it turned out that she did not need. It became known that the artist is a kidneys from gout.
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