For that fight?

The active protectionist policy of the White house, aimed primarily at protecting American industry from competition from foreign companies, given, apparently, only negative results.

In 2018, the trade deficit of the budget record has increased since the tax cuts promoted growth of demand for all goods including imports. And their rise in price in connection with the introduction of fees did not deter the Americans, they had enough money to buy what they want. And the attempts by Donald trump to make the international trading system more equitable, including through the revision of multilateral treaties, it seems, also did not significantly improve the situation.

According to the government, in December last year, the deficit in goods trade grew by 12.4% and reached an unprecedented level — 891,3 billion dollars. 12.5% to 621 million dollars, has increased the overall deficit (i.e. including the cost of services), but it was the highest “only” for 10 years. Moreover, as suggested by Chris Rapke, chief economist of the new York branch Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, is unlikely to 2019 expect any positive changes.
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