“Who is with me, that I have”

Felix Sather needed to implement the project on construction of trump Tower (Trump Tower) in Moscow, and today is a witness in the case against the American President. Spectacular Robert Mueller questioned him for his report, which is due out on the day. Journalists of the German newspaper DieZeit Alice Bot, Kerstin Kohlenberg and Eva C. Schweitzer met with “puppeteer trump”.

The man who nurtured the project for construction in Moscow for the Trump Tower skyscraper, which-among other things, “the penthouse, the gift of Donald trump Russian President is worth 50 million dollars,” came to a meeting at my favorite restaurant in new York in “jeans with a Rolex and an expensive suit”, tell the authors. “He quickly said something in Russian on a call, then ordered a bottle of wine “Sauvignon” for 126 dollars. 52-year-old Felix Sutter for several years collaborated with the trump. If everything went according to plan, now the Trump Tower skyscraper would be standing on the banks of the Moscow river. (…) But then, as luck would have it, Donald trump became President. “Who the hell saw that coming?”, – Felix says Sather.

“Politics and commercial interests, as it is known, should not be crossed. (…) During the election campaign trump persistently insisted that he has no business plans in Russia, – the newspaper reminds. But then came e-mails for Felix Suter, from which it follows that trump, despite his public assurances, was involved in the Russian project up to the presidential elections of 2016”.

“Sather is a charming man who is talented in presenting and likes to exaggerate, – writes the edition. – When it comes to Vladimir Putin, he takes his cell phone, digging in contacts and shows to his companion the ways to contact Putin. Three names, three numbers: “I know how to get out of it,” he says”.

“Sather was born in Moscow, his family emigrated to the United States, in Brooklyn he grew up in the circle of the Russian and Italian mafia, worked on it and his father tells the publication. – Together with several mafia families, he was involved in fraud on the stock exchange. (…) Sather openly admits that it worked was the fact that through bogus companies to launder money in tax oases. In 2000, almost all participants in the scheme were sentenced to lengthy detention, only Sather escaped with a fine. He recognized the signals of the time and testified against his mafia partners.”

“Sather remained an informant all his life, – noted journalists. – In open court documents by the Ministry of justice confirms that after the attacks of September 11, 2011, Suter collected in the middle East “valuable information about the key figures of “al-Qaeda”. Its sources – Russian arms dealers, shady oligarchs or secret service officers. He worked it, doing what he does best: deal. “To make money all they want, says Sather. – My weapon was greed”. She eventually led him in 2002 to Donald Trump. Soon Sather invited Trump to build in Moscow skyscraper”.

“By the time interested in Moscow was not only trump, but his entire family. For daughter Ivanka Sather through one of the oligarch organized a tour of the Kremlin. When they were in office, Putin, Ivanka wanted to sit in the seat of the chief of the Kremlin. The guide is confusing. “What will happen? She will pull out of the Breasts a weapon?,- I objected then, in his own words, Sather. Ivanka was allowed to sit. In the evening a dinner took place at the oligarch. Was Beluga caviar-albino, the tycoon showed him a gold-plated Kalashnikov and his “money room”, to the top filled with dollar bills. “There were at least 100 million,” says Sather.

However, continues the edition, from the project came to nothing. Sergei Polonsky, whom Sather has offered to build a trump Tower in Moscow, did not believe that trump’s name will become profitable in Russia. Andrey Rozov, a friend of Polonsky, who wanted to build a skyscraper with Sterom in 2015 and has already signed an agreement of intent hiding. “Andrew is abroad now because of this case,” says Polonsky.

“In America, a bunch of Sutter trump is a great success – the newspaper notes. – They build in new York, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Miami. Russian citizens are buying dozens of flats in skyscrapers, Trump Palace, Trump Royale, Trump Hollywood. Apartments are purchased for cash or through fictitious firms. However, lawyers and journalists and then find out the names: for example, Victor Khrapunov, a former mayor of the capital of Kazakhstan, Alma-ATA and business partner Suter. Two U.S. court accused him of embezzling and money laundering”. Or, for example, Anatoly Darling, who was convicted in 2014 in new York city for his involvement in a Russian-American organized crime group.

“Money laundering, says Suter, is a violation of the law. But against the money the other can not have anything against it. Where Trump was to know about the origin of money? According to him, all Russian scammers are interested in trump’s apartment. Rich Russians love gold and arrogance. “Can you blame trump? – asks Sather. In business life it is not about morality but about profit.”

In 2010, one of the employees sued the firm the Bayrock Suter, accusing the company that the money laundering is part of her business model. Later, as often happens, the parties entered into a settlement agreement. “If Muller put forward such accusations against trump and his company, it is hard to imagine that President Trump will be able to justify. Because now we are talking about is, is if the Russian government information about deals trump and doesn’t that make him vulnerable to blackmail. Felix then Sather could take a key role in the investigation into Muller’s,” reads the article.

“The fact that he can easily move to the other side, he proved. Recently it became known that Sather gave information about a former Kazakh politics, which accused the U.S. of misappropriation and money laundering. Sather was his business partner, Kazakh is not paid”. “Whoever has me, I have,” says Sather.

“Besides, Sather knows very well spectacular Muller and his chief investigator Andrew Weissman. (…) “I know Andrew 20 years, and Robert Mueller loves me. I’m the one who tells them the truth, says Sather. – Between Putin and trump has not been agreed.”

Shortly after in October 2015 pink and trump signed a letter of intent, Sutter wrote to the then counsel to trump Michael Cohen, that would be of interest to the project from Putin, and so they will contribute to the fact that trump was elected President. “Our boy may become President of the United States, and we will be able to do it”, – he wrote.

“Sather denies the attempt to mix politics and business ( … ) – indicates the edition. When he did Trump that proposal, the media was criticized for the lack of experience in foreign policy, Sather explains your calculation. “If trump and Putin together was at the construction pit in front of the trump Tower, and Putin praised be the businessman trump as the best policy, then trump in one fell swoop would be a foreign policy genius.” “In the world of Suter policy – a tool for business, this point of view he shares with Donald trump and victims fail construction magnate Sergei Polonsky”, – notes the edition.

“However, America is not Russia, writes Die Zeit in conclusion. – Sather says that the questions that asked him the Muller and Congress, he answered truthfully. Lie for trump under oath – that it would be too. (…) Communicates if he’s still with trump? No, but his lawyers communicate with lawyers trump. “Once a week. This is called the cooperation agreement”.

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