Ilhan Omar: Israel is the historic homeland of the Palestinians

In his column for the Washington Post, a member of the house of representatives from Minnesota Ilhan Omar said that Israel is the homeland of the Palestinian people, whose members “hold all life as refugees“.

In an article published last night, March 17, the Congresswoman wrote that “based on the appearance of Israel 70 years ago — the connection of the Jewish people to their historical homeland, as well as the need to establish a state after the horror of the Holocaust and centuries that led up to it anti-Semitic oppression.”

“Many of the founders of Israel were refugees, survivors of unspeakable horror,” says Omar, in his article, adding that “we have to admit: it’s also the historic homeland of the Palestinians“. Like any other people, says Congresswoman, “theydeserve to live in freedom and dignity“.

The young politician called on the government to approach the Palestinian-Israeli conflict “balanced, comprehensive” way which recognizes the joint pursuit of security and freedom for both peoples.

I support the decision of two States with internationally recognized borders — written by Omar. — It was the official bipartisan policy of the United States for two decades, which were supported each of the latest Israeli and Palestinian leaders, just as consensus on Israel’s security“.

She noted that for peace in the region, all participants should be responsible for their actions.

When I criticize certain actions of the Israeli government in Gaza or the West Bank settlements, this is because I believe that these actions threaten not only peace in the region, but the national security interests of the United States, “—said a member of the house of representatives.

Ilhan Omar is a native of Mogadishu (the Somali capital), survived the war and became a refugee. She wrote about how he fled from Somalia in 8 years, and then lived for four years in a refugee camp in Kenya, “where he also witnessed the unspeakable suffering of those who, like me, lost everything because of the war“.

Earlier, the Congresswoman made critical remarks about Israel, which many politicians, including party members, called anti-Semitic. In February, Omar apologized for his words.

In March, her comment that American politicians are forced to give “allegiance” to the Israeli leaders, has again caused a mixed reaction from fellow Democrats. Some spoke in defense of Omar: among them is the youngest Congresswoman in history Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Unlike the President, a member of the house of representatives Ilhan Omar has demonstrated the ability to apologize, to use this opportunity to learn the history of anti-Semitism plus with it to grow and clarify its position, “wrote Cortez in early March.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: Israel — the homeland of both Jews and Palestinians updated: March 20, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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