Americans from year to year all the unhappy, says UN Report

U.S. residents are becoming more and more miserable year by year. Such conclusions contain in the annual report of the United Nations. For the preparation of the Report on world happiness 2019 research is conducted in 156 countries, where citizens are asked to rate their happiness on a 10-point scale on economic, social, civil and medical reasons. Miller/CC

First place for the second year in a row Finland. On the opposite side from the Finnish happiness was Yemen (151st place), Afghanistan (154th place) and South Sudan (156th place). The happiest region, where the country occupies a leading place in Western and Northern Europe.

Unfortunately, the results of studies in the US talking about a permanent drop in the level of happiness: the 13-th place in 2016, 14 in 2017 and 18 in 2018 and finally 19th in 2019. So in the next couple of years to fall out of the lucky twenty!

The authors report a little puzzled by these results, because economic and social indicators USA all these years, are rising and crime is falling. Why the sadness-sadness overcomes Americans think scientists in the analytical part of the Report. One explanation of the relative slowness of the reconstruction of consciousness after the 2008 crisis. Economy out of crisis comes, and the psyche of the people still under the impressions of fear and depression, and they will pass only with time. Another assumption is the increase in the use of psychotropic substances, addiction and related resistant depression.

Professor Tweng from the University of San Diego emphasizes on anticipating the level of unhappy young people, explaining its impact on the Internet. People sit in social networks, games, movies and do not communicate with each other physically. According to Tweng, true happiness brings only physical, not virtual interaction.

Also among the possible reasons for feelings of unhappiness are considered obese, reducing time spent in the fresh air, the reduced participation of Americans in team sports games (gym can’t replace football in terms of happiness). However, as acknowledged by scientists, this all just their opinions and hypotheses, not proven scientifically.

U.S. residents each year feel miserable updated: March 21, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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