We solder. Third hand – in seven seconds

Soldering. I solder a lot of different thin wires. Sometimes hands are missing. We have to urgently invent various supports. As they say “third hand”. Soldered extension cords for servos.
Soldering . The wires get twisted, they just don't want to go to bed. I had to invent support. I found a piece of aluminum wire, it is easy to bend it into the desired shape, a couple of unnecessary crocodiles. A small piece of furniture board. I drill holes, a micron smaller than the diameter of the wire.
Soldering. Soldering. Soldering. I install wires in the holes and mount crocodiles at the ends. Drilling a few more installation holes for the future.
Soldering. Soldering. The clamp is ready and I start soldering the extension cords.
Soldering. Soldering. Another option for soldering servo extensions. But in a different version.
I divide the flat wire into three veins. Cut to the desired length.
Soldering . A skin is glued on a wooden block, but for other purposes. I will use it. The connector will definitely not slip. I press it with a staple from a paper clip. And you can solder.
Soldering. Soldering. Soldering. At the same time remove the heat, not overheating the plastic.
I insert the mating plug into the ready connector and then I solder it, it prevents strong heating and does not warp.
We solder. I heat-shrink the finished parts.
Soldering. Soldering. I store the finished extension cords in rings of the same length. When installing, I additionally fix it with tape.
 Soldering.  Soldering.


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