Russian Prancer Vovan commented on the scandalous drawing, Guide video call

Venezuelan politician, Guido got into a major conflict as the result of statements about the President of the Republic.

Famous Prancer Vladimir Kuznetsov, better known as unknown, played the self-proclaimed interim President of Venezuela Juan Guido, on behalf of the President of Switzerland Ueli Maurer, in connection with which gave the media a comment. It is reported m24, reports the “League news Russia”.

Defence Minister of Venezuela has made public a choice between Maduro and Guido

Kuznetsov recalled that in the past they have with Alex Stolyarova (Lexus) had a conversation with US special envoy for Venezuela Elliot Abrams.

“And he helped us to arrange a conversation with Guido. Abrams did not suspect, respectively, and Guido too, because he was sure that Abrams is clearly a will substitute. I think they are both with the Swiss rarely talked,” said Prancer.

Guido returned to Venezuela and made a statement

He argues that Guido doesn’t speak much English, so the drawing had to use a translator.

According to Kuznetsov, in the near future pranks on the subject of Venezuela is not planned.
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