Snake blocked the riverbed: in Brazil, fishermen have noticed a 15-foot Anaconda

The inhabitants of one of the Brazilian settlements were discouraged by the strange incident.

As it was established, the inhabitants of the local neighborhoods are still difficult to control emotions which they experienced during regular fishing. According to witnesses the sinister incident of the water suddenly appeared a giant Anaconda. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that in Siberia there lives a monster that is more anacondas.

According to preliminary information, the length of the anomalous creation is 15 meters. Seeing such giants, the men had to wait a while when a monster passes the pond.

The story happened on the river, Sucuriu, which takes place in Brazil. The locals each time I pray to not meet such reptiles. The snake was so long that blocked all the line of the river.

If the words of the fisherman are true, then the dimensions of the Anaconda equaled the extinct snake, which was called in the scientific world, titanoboa. It should be noted that such dire creatures existed in the distant past. At the moment, the researchers intend to explore more thoroughly natural phenomenon that frightened the locals.
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