Why the President bought his own portrait?

“The US President reportedly asked his former lawyer, Michael Cohen hiring a fake bidder to buy at the highest price your own portrait with a single purpose – to amuse “your ego”. This portrait at a cost of 60 thousand dollars was later purchased by a billionaire with money from his charity Foundation”, – the journalist writes Le Figaro Aurora Garo.

After the first closed hearing in the Senate, Michael Cohen, former counselor of the US President, was questioned in the House of predstaviteley in the ties Donald trump with Russia and the management of his real estate Empire.

The lawyer under oath accuses the American President that he squandered the money from your charity Fund, in particular, to buy their own portrait, painted by William Quigley, which he then placed in one of their clubs. In confirmation of his words, Michael Cohen submitted to Congress “a copy of the handwritten notes trump” about the auction.

“Trump told me to find a bidder to buy his portrait, which was sold at auction at some event in the Hamptons. The goal was to have his portrait, which was to be sold last, became the most expensive portrait of the day, says Michael Cohen. The portrait was bought by a dummy bidder for 60 million dollars. Trump asked the Fondation Trump, which is assumed to be a non-profit organization to compensate it for costs despite the fact that he wanted to keep these works for themselves.” “It’s all for his ego”, he added. (…) Then the American President boasted on Twitter how was sold to his portrait,” reports the journalist.

This is not the first case when billionaire accused of using money from his charity for personal gain. In the midst of the election campaign in 2016 reporter The Washington Post David Fahrenthold has already identified two such cases.

In 2018, the attorney General of the state of new York has filed a lawsuit against Trump, to achieve the elimination of the charitable Foundation because of the “recurrent illegal actions”. “As the investigation, Fondation Trump was nothing more than a checkbook for payments of trump and his companies to charitable organisations irrespective of the purpose and legitimacy of the past,” said attorney General Barbara underwood in a statement. The American President then responded on social media that spoke out against the “witch-hunt.

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